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KNOTS: Our Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line SBS

We trust in this version of the iconic Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line connections on our 9 and 12 weights. There are a couple of reasons, firstly: A Bimini Twist tests at 100% breaking strain, so there simply is no stronger knot to connect you fly line to the backing.  Secondly, because it is a loop-to-loop […]

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What does trout fishing have to do with anti-poaching?

The Dullstroom One Fly Anti Rhino Poaching Charity event is our annual contribution to the fight against rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park. We have a long-standing relationship with the anti-poaching units in the Kruger through Bruce Leslie from Special Operations out of Skukuza. Each year Bruce gives us a wish list and over […]

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