This fly is one of Rowan Black’s favourite quick-ties.

“I don’t like spending hours on the vice tying perfect flies,” he says. “I generally tie a week or so before an upcoming trip and like to tie quick and easy patterns…”

This fly has proven highly effective for Rowan at Sterkfontein Dam so far this year. “I’m sure it will do some damage on our afternoon dry fly sessions in the trout season too.”

Here he demonstrates the five-minute CDC midge. Quickly….

Hook – Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry size 12-18
Thread – Veevus GSP 50D
Tail – Cock Del Leon
Body – Turkey Biot
Thorax – 4 x CDC feathers



Step 1
Wrap a base of thread down the shank of the hook to the bend of the eye.
Tie in 4-5 CDL feathers, push them flat with your nail so they splay out.


Step 2
Tie in you Biot, I like the Turkey Biot as it’s longer. A tip here is to wet your biot before you tie it in, this just makes it a little more supple. Wind the biot up to the thorax and lock it in with a few tight thread wraps.

I like tying the biot in, so the segmentation shows.

Step 3
Take 4 CDC feathers, stack them and then uses you Magic Tool clip set or crocodile clips to gather the CDC feathers, cut off the stems.

If you don’t have a tool set you can use a triangular piece of foam with slots cut into it as in the picture,

Then use a crocodile clip to grab the feathers.

Split thread the CDC and spin it into a brush, brush out all the trapped feathers.

Step 4
Wind the CDC brush to the eye of the hook, secure with a few wraps behind the eye and whip finish. Gently stroke the CDC feathers upwards and then cut off the feathers on the underside of the hook.

You can also take a hair dryer and ‘blow’ the CDC feathers from the bottom, this helps with setting the profile of the CDC.

I tie these in black, olive, natural dun and rusty spinner.