About Us

Mavungana Flyfishing is one of the oldest and most well-known names in the fly fishing industry in South Africa. With the country’s largest specialist fly fishing outfitter in Dullstroom, as well as one of the country’s most well-equipped fly fishing shops, in Johannesburg.

Mavungana Flyfishing has a multitude of friendly faces on their team, as well as an unmatched travel portfolio. You can receive expert one-on-one tuition and guiding or learn to Spey cast to small stream techniques.

Take your team away on a corporate fly fishing break for some superb fishing. Whether it’s local or international, we’ve been doing it for over a decade, so you are in excellent hands.

For all your fishing needs The Riverman leather workshop at the Mavungana Flyfishing Centre can make you Heirloom quality leather outdoor products, which are produced on site.

Let Mavungana Flyfishing equip and guide you through our world of flyfishing.

The Team

Jonathan Boulton

Trevor Phillips

John Thoabala

Sarah Boulton

Gareth Reid

Collen Tshabangu

Raymond Mutemeri

Rose Nguni

Thembi Mabhena

Rowan Black

Kortman Msuthu

Lejean Pieterse

Nathan Pahl

Jim Keaveney

Gone Fishing

Jim loved Dullstroom and in turn Dullstroom loved Jim. It’s little wonder that Jim always had such a calm, happy disposition, I mean he lived in heaven, on his little Farm just outside of town, with his beautiful wife Anne, each morning taking his Labradors for a walk, pipe puffing contently as he went and fed his geese and checked his dam. Later her would bumble into town, always in some rattling dusty contraption of a car - because “‘well why would you waste good money on a fancy car that could be used for quality pipe tobacco and whisky! “ Driving through the village with his signature Ray Bans sunglasses pipe clenched through a big white toothy smile he would greet everyone with a radiant enthusiastic wave out of the window. Jim and Anne were an amazing couple and when I first came to the village they we probably the two most inspirational and supportive people in my life. I was a little wayward back then but Jim recognized not just my passion for flyfishing but that I wanted to do something meaningful with it and make it my life. He encouraged me in every way and taught me so much. He had sage advise on absolutely everything from how to house train your new Labrador puppy, how to construct a 14 foot trout leader to cleaning your shotgun properly. When I eventually went into flyfishing retail he was by my side and taught me so much, more especially that when you cash up you balance to the cent or do it again and that the word “ discount” never existed in the Scottish dictionary and was not suddenly about to be used in our fishing shop !
When Jim lost his wife Anne he lost his soul mate. He was never, ever the same and his heart yearned longingly for her. Well now James my good friend I know you are with her. The two of you walking hand in hand with your fly rods done to a picturesque lake brimming with “ Brooon Trooot “ with love and anticipation in your hearts to fish the most spectacular heavenly evening rise together, forever .... Jonathan Boulton