Gareth Reid, Author at Mavungana Flyfishing

Gareth Reid


Take your mind out the gutter! This is not that kind of “how-to” guide…. Although swinging flies is regarded by most, as a technique reserved for targeting anadromous fish while wielding large 14ft double-handed Spey rods in the northern hemisphere. It is a technique that has been adapted and tweaked the world-over for a plethora […]

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Flyfishing Photography: #3 Both sides of the lens

There are two very important aspects to a quality grip-n-grin ‘hero’ shot. The ability to take a great picture is one of them. Being on the opposite side of the lens as the subject is the other. Before you think this is some cheesy ‘how to’ guide on the best way to capture your good […]

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Guides’ Corner – tips and tricks for Peacock Bass in the Amazon

Put your best foot forward The difference between a 10-fish day and a 100-fish day is your ability to cast well and accurately. This means throwing big flies and 9wt rods with aggressive weight-forward fly lines for extended periods of time. Get familiar with your gear and don’t waste precious game-time practicing your casting! There […]

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Learn the guides’ secrets for taming tigerfish

Expert advice from our experienced team of guides on how to make the most of your tigerfish trip this year. Put your best foot forward Don’t waste your first day familiarizing yourself with your gear and casting. Practice throwing your 9wt rig with sinking line and a big, wind resistant piece of fluff as a […]

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