Nathan Pahl, Author at Mavungana Flyfishing

Nathan Pahl

Sunglasses: What you need to know

A good pair of sunglasses is one of your most important pieces of gear, but with so many options out there, it can be a little difficult to know what to choose. Here are some insights (see what we did there) to help you make the informed choice: It’s great having a world class guide […]

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If you had to by one fly line and one fly line only, let it be a floating line One of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘what line should I get?’ The answer, of course, will depend on various factors, and the ideal is to have a variety of lines to cover […]

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Winter is the best time of the year for trout fishing. You’ll hear that often, but in truth many experienced fly-fishers much prefer the pre- and post-seasons to the dark months. Autumn really is a great time of the year to target aggressive, trophy stillwater trout… Read on to found out why (and how to […]

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Trout – back to basics, and beyond

From Dullstroom town dam’s water levels sitting on 25%, to overflowing within three days; we couldn’t have been happier when we finally got our rain, even though 2019 was just about the latest we’ve ever received it. Dams were low and water temperatures were high – too high. But after a week of rain the […]

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Summer stillwater flyfishing tips #2

This is the driest that Dullstroom has been in many years. Our rains are later than ever, and very little – having had less than 100mm this season. Dams are low and water temperatures are high, but still fish are being caught. It’s a real pity to see our town dam sitting on less than […]

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