YOU’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE: It’s the first day of the annual boys’ fishing tour. Spirits are high because lockdown was brutal and the trip had been indefinitely delayed. Almost didn’t happen at all.

You’re on a productive estuary and the conditions are favourable. The first session of the week is a bit of a shakedown of sorts. You haven’t seen each other for a while so the banter is flowing. You’re four anglers on a boat which fly-fishes two comfortably. But that’s not a problem, as there are only two are fly-fishers in the group and the others will happily troll, spin, or fish bait from the side. It all works… You’ve done this trip many times before and slip easily back into the familiar roles.

Great time!

Until the second stop to deposit the spin-fishers on a likely-looking bank. Bravado overtakes common sense and without really looking what he’s doing, one of your ‘mates’ jumps from the bow onto the bank. On the way his foot clips the neatly stashed rods, taking your treasured LOOP 7X 7-weight along with it… CRASH! Into the railing on the gunwale and the tip section parts as sure as rain.

It’s funny, but not at all. There are the usual apologies and awkward pleasantries but it’s not really okay. You’re on to your back-up rod and stuck with a broken premium rod for the rest of the trip.

Or not…

Fortunately LOOP Tackle has a lifetime warranty on certain current models such as the LOOP 7x and Q Series. A warranty and back-up service that will see you back on the water within a day.


This is a global initiative by LOOP, where their premium agents in a few selected regions carry enough stock and have the service back-up to be able to overnight you a section to where you are.

Our Johannesburg and Dullstroom stores serve as these dedicated LOOP field centres for South Africa. This negates the usual process of getting a high-end section replaced via the International agents which can often take weeks (if not months) and include hefty handling and shipping fees.

So, should the above comedy (of errors) play out on your trip and you are fishing one of the current (and applicable) models of LOOP, you’ll miss out on maybe a day’s fishing on your top-end rod.

Get in touch directly to find out which models apply.