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KNOTS: Our Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line SBS

We trust in this version of the iconic Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line connections on our 9 and 12 weights. There are a couple of reasons, firstly: A Bimini Twist tests at 100% breaking strain, so there simply is no stronger knot to connect you fly line to the backing.  Secondly, because it is a loop-to-loop […]

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North America Adventure 2017

Boarding the Emirates flight to Dubai there were indeed mixed feelings. Huge excitement with the promise of tank redfish on topwater, the bars and restaurants of New Orleans, then the adventure that is Alaska – noisy floatplanes, super strong salmon and hungry grizzly bears. The flip side of the coin was 36 hours of travel […]

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Andaman Islands 2016

Traversing the seas of the Andaman Islands with a bunch of mates, 500 tropical islands, cannibalistic tribes, unchartered waters, naïve fish and the prospects of the unknown…. The opportunity to go on a wild and adventurous exploratory trip to a remote and exotic location doesn’t come around often so when it did I didn’t hesitate to […]

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