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SBS – How to tie a tigerfish brush fly

by Rowan Black

This a quick and simple pattern to tie and one of my favourite patterns for Tigers, especially at 
Pongola where there is a large population of Tilapia. MATERIALS Hook: Gama B10s #2-1/0 or Gama SL12S short #2/0-4/0 Thread: Red or orange 140D Danville’s Weight: Lead wire 0.02 Tail: Fishient SF fibre, bucktail to prevent wrapping […]

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by Mavungana Flyfishing

Jack Lotter swears by the Dingane when targetting GTs in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. Just before lockdown, Gareth Reid sat down with Jack at our Johannesburg store to chat through the pattern and get a better understanding of Jack’s tying process as well as the factors (density, shape and hook-keeling, among others) which he believes makes this […]

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Flyfishing Photography: #3 Both sides of the lens

by Gareth Reid

There are two very important aspects to a quality grip-n-grin ‘hero’ shot. The ability to take a great picture is one of them. Being on the opposite side of the lens as the subject is the other. Before you think this is some cheesy ‘how to’ guide on the best way to capture your good […]

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