November fishing report

Hot, hotter and hottest…

Take your pick, as each and every one of them accurately describe Dullstroom’s weather in November. With that said, our trout are still feeding vigorously, are full of life and are pulling hard!

Waters are warm, too warm most would say, but this always presents an opportunity to fish your naturals, i.e. damsels, papa roaches and just about any streamer you can find in your box; as long as its black, brown or olive it should do the trick. In fact, olive red eyes damsels have accounted for some solid fish at both Walkersons Estate and Millstream. If you’d like to take a different approach, try a white death fished slowly on a floating or an intermediate; especially if you’re caught in a trico spinner hatch.


But as for the way we’d suggest you approach your fishing, use thicker tippet where you can, don’t play the fish too long and make sure your quick photo sessions are just that – quick! The faster you get the trout back into the water, the better the chances are of them swimming away to be caught another day. When it comes to handling the trophy fish, keep them in the water the whole time except for a couple pics. It’s not too often one catches a 3.5kg trout in Dullstroom, so when you do, take the greatest care in the way you treat your trophy. 


As for trophies, Walkersons continues to impress with more 3kg plus fish being pulled out in the last month. Laverpa and Birds of Prey have also yielded plenty of solid fish around the 2.5kg mark – most caught on sinking and intermediate lines. Town dam has been doing well as we saw with the Master team practicing for Worlds – soon to be held in February next year.  Buzzers fished with a floating line and a 14ft-18ft long leader has definitely proved its effectiveness.  Apart from the finesse approach, stripping very large baitfish patterns on short leaders also managed some good fish!

However, technical may just be the way forward for this December.December is always a busy month, being the holiday season, and with every Tom, Dick and Harry chucking Dullstroom’s finest Woolly Buggers, taking a different approach might be the way to go. Small buzzers fished static, custom tied skinny damsels, two and three fly rigs and fine dry flies late in the evenings and early in the mornings before the world is awake will surly pay off!