It’s been something of a ‘slow’ start to spring with the weather being up-and-down. Some really good fish have been coming out despite this though with Laverpa producing some trophies. Just last week a 4.2kg rainbow and a 3.8 brown came out on the same day.

Most fish are coming out deep, with darker colours producing the best (black, brown and olives fished slow and methodically on long leaders tapered down to 5X). According to our Senior Guide and veritable trout whisperer, Colen Shabangu, smaller flies have been the most productive. The best technique here he advises is either an intermediate with a team of small size 16-20 nymphs, or a loating line with a long leader, at least 12ft, and (depending on how deep they’re moving) with a dry and dropper rig.

Fishing for trout near Dullstroom in South Africa

That being said, for those willing to put in the work, dries have been producing in the late afternoons with some good hatches coming off. For dries, caddis imitations on 6X have been the go-to.

Colen – whose been fishing the waters around Dullstroom for over 20 years – also advises that not get stuck with what you’re comfortable with: Change your flies every 15 minutes, lengthen your leader, step down your tippet, try new flies, mix things up constantly and move around the dam as much as possible. Covering water will drastically increase your chances of catching more fish.

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