“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like” – David Alan Harvey

Much like telling a story, ‘evoking an emotion’ is the holy grail of photography. In order to achieve this you need to strike a balance between technical ability and creative license.

To get the most out of your gear (so that you can work that marriage between art and theory) here Gareth Reid shares a few of his personal hacks to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities; as well as an easy four point-post editing plan and; a dynamic approach for creating unique imagery…

Advanced Settings:

Life Hacks:
Whether shooting wildlife while on safari or hosting fishing trips abroad I avoid fiddling with my camera settings as much as possible while in the field and rather focus on what’s happening around me. Below are a couple hacks for avoiding this:

A simple and easy process to follow that results in natural looking images and avoids:

Lightroom is a great piece of software with an easy-to-use interface, however most editing software apps whether on your pc of cellphone will have the below functionality you can adjust.

A dynamic view and capturing the experience
As mentioned before we want to be telling a story, giving context to your images and creating interest and intrigue. Thinking of how you want to portray the scene and then reverse engineering the process will give you a more methodical approach and a better sense of purpose.

You’re running in a boat down a remote river and want to show speed and reference

1/4 sec @f22 ISO100


A jumping fish, kicking up water and creating chaos and fear

1/1250 @f4.5 ISO 500

Elephants crossing the Chobe River in the high sun

1/1000 @f8 ISO 400

In the depths of the Amazon, a flock of macaws fly over or a Cayman on the bank

1/1000 @f4 ISO 400


The sun is setting, your mate is bombing out casts towards the horizon

Its New Moon, you’re in the middle of a desert landscape and the stars are incredible

31 seconds @f4 ISO 1000

Like flyfishing, photography is about capturing the experience, not just the results….