There’s no such thing as a perfect fly, but not all flies are created equal. This baby peacock (as tied by Nathan Pahl) ticks plenty of boxes and you cannot head to the Amazon without a few in your box.


• Grip 21711 / NSL #4/0
• Veevus Monp Thread
• Grip Stick On 3D eyes – 8mm red
• SF Blend – Yellow, Orange, Red, Olive, Black
• Hedron Flashabou Magnum – Gold, Red, Olive and Black
• Lateral Scales – Pearl
• Red Bucktail
• Black Copic Marker
• UV Resin

Steps 1 and 2:
Dress your hook with a layer of mono thread. *Mono is the beast thread for working with SF because it doesn’t slip, otherwise a normal 100D will also work.

Tie in a generous section of yellow SF.
Double over the SF and secure this very well and add a drop of Zap-a-gap over the mono. We highly recommend adding some lead wire to the body to help get your fly down, depending on how small you end up trimming it.

Steps 3 and 4
Add 3 strands of gold, magnus flash to the side of the sf body closest to you, once secured, fold the flash over the top of the hook and secure again on the other side of the fly. *The magnum flash is thicker, stronger and longer.

Add your next colour, however, from here on out you won’t double the SF over itself. Also add more gold flash.

Steps 5 and 6:
Add a generous amount of olive SF as well as 4 strands on olive flash.


Finally, add just enough black SF to cover the top of your fly. When you add the black flash, fold it under the shank of the hook towards the head, pull it directly up and secure. This will help you secure the flash on the back rather than the sides of the fly.

Steps 7 and 8
Add a lateral scale on each side of the fly.

Once you’ve finished the body, turn the fly over and add red SF just under the head along with red flash.


Step 9 and 10:
Firstly, change your thread to any Olive thread of your choosing, preferably 100D. Cut off some red bucktail and tie it in over the red SF. Make sure you tie it down well and watch that its only under the body rather than on the sides of the fly. The point of the bucktail is to act as a ‘support’ to stabilize the SF and help prevent the flash wrapping.

Now, add your eyes. You can use super glue to hold the eyes in place, or simply pinch both eyes in place and start adding UV resin. Make sure you build up a nice head and coat the eyes completely. This will make sure your fly last much longer.
Finally, take your black marker and add three equally spaced bars down the side of your fly.

*Top Tip: you can either trim back of the SF as you tie the fly, or you can do so afterwards. However this can be tricky with all the flash in the way. What I like to do is turn the fly up (head pointing to the ground) this will allow most of the flash to drop down and expose the body. Now you can trim your baby peacock without cutting any flash.