This super quick and easy tie has accounted for some spectacular fish on Jurassic Lake and on our home stillwaters.

Hook – Grip 14731 caddis
Thread – 70D Danville’s red or orange.
Body – Tan scud dub or natural dubbin sand, Brown back strap or Kiley’s nymph skin.
Tail – Saddle hackle
Rib – 6lb Maxima
Weight – 0.01mm lead wire

Step one
Wind the lead wire from the eye down the shank to the back of the hook. Use some super glue to secure in place then cover with your thread.

Step two
Tear a few strands of saddle and tie in for the tail

Tie in the maxima which will form the ribbing of the fly.

Tie in the Kiley’s nymph skin or back strap and let it hang out the rear of the fly.

Step three
Take a generous amount of the dubbing and wrap it around the thread.

Wind forward to the eye of the hook, leave a small gap to tie in the back strap and ribbing.
Create a taper thin to thick back to thin.

Step four
Pull the back strap/nymph skin to the eye of the hook and tie in.

Wrap the maxima at equal spacing towards the eye of the hook and tie off.

Take a dubbing brush or bodkin and pull out the dubbing fibres.
Stroke the fibre down to represent the legs of the fly.

Quick and simple fly that catches fish.
We tie them in olive, tan and light orange in sizes 12-14.