Whether it’s part of team building, or rewarding good clients, or staff – you will never look at a company golf day in the same light again after a Mavungana Flyfishing corporate experience.

Flyfishing allows people to escape to the most beautiful surroundings in the world where wild fish are found. The art of casting is so intricate that it is never truly mastered. Hence trying for the perfect presentation of the fly is the most distracting thing imaginable, allowing the mind to truly cleanse itself of day to day worries.

It is also the greatest leveller; someone with superior intellect, strength or height, for instance, never has an advantage. For this reason, it is the ideal corporate experience as secretaries and Managing Directors now compete on the same level! The aim of the session is to master the perfect cast, select the right fly and, ultimately, fool mother nature by imitating nature. This newly acquired skill and a little luck may well result in the capture and then release of your first trout.

The Mavungana team of instructors including internationally certified guides, as well as up to 5 local instructors who have been teaching and guiding to individuals, as well as large corporate groups for many years. There is no larger more qualified team of instructors in the country, and they will all be at your disposal for the duration of your corporate event.

From a 30-minute crash course through to a couple of hours of an all-round flyfishing introduction, it’s up to you how you wish to use your time and make the most of your team’s corporate day out.