With owners qualified in Zoology, Aquatic Biology, Bio Chemistry and sustainable water usage, and years of experience in water reticulation and storage, trout habitat enhancement and management we are well positioned to offer advise on all fishery related matters.


Mavungana Flyfishing has been involved in setting up and consulting on many well known trout fisheries in Mpumalanga. A comprehensive management strategy is drawn up including the establishment of carrying capacities. Subsequent stocking policies based on a computer-generated stocking program, as well as a feeding regime, and the control of aquatic vegetation. River rehabilitation and trout habitat enhancement skills learned in Europe and the States are applied to South African conditions to produce quality still water fishing and challenging river fishing ultimately aiming at sustainable natural reproduction.

Lodges and Guide training

Jonathan and Sarah Boulton have been involved in top tiger fishing camps in the Okavango, Saltwater flyfishing off the Mozambique coast, the finest Atlantic salmon fishery in the world on the Ponoi River in arctic Russia, and Seychelles. As well as the qualified scientific aspect of fishery development and management, we also advise on the setup and management of fishing camps and lodges as well as the training of flyfishing guides. Also with marketing and bookings through our large industry network.