The Underwater World of Trout: Feeding Lies – DVD


Answers the questions all anglers ask: Where are they? Why are they there? What are they eating? How do I recognize what is going on?

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This second volume of The Underwater World of Trout casts the viewer into a never before seen “trout’s eye” view of stream life to examine the facts and get real answers to the age old questions of every fisherman: Where are the fish?  And what are they eating? How trout rise offer clues to what they are eating, but how can you tell the difference? Where trout hold and feed is predictable—until it isn’t.  Feeding Lies, with the help of an extremely cooperative rainbow trout, captures and clarifies all of these different behaviors; offering never-before-seen footage that puts the angler at eye level with the fish. Shot entirely in natural trout streams, this DVD will answer all the questions critical to angling success.
63 minutes