Android Jig – Natural and Chartreuse #12



“We’ve even seen it work for stillwater trout!”

Product Description

The Android is a unique jig nymph that takes inspiration from typical European tag nymphs fished mainly by competitive anglers. With the development of euro nymphing in South Africa over the last decade, jig nymphs are becoming increasingly popular especially on the Vaal amongst social anglers.

The UV tag and the white bead provide a very interesting contrast not seen in many nymphs. The bead is a slotted, tungsten bead making sure you get your flies in the zone quickly, naturally, this would be your point fly or control fly. Its great for the Vaal and in some cases, pocket water for trout. We’ve even seen it work for stillwater trout!

This too is part of the Competition and Signature series from Sci Fly and is tied on a Grip barbless hook.