Bead Eyed Skinny Damsel #12



“This skinny damsel emphasizes the big eyes of this natural…”

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An adapted, realistic version of your classic Red Eyed Damsel, this skinny damsel emphasizes the big eyes of this natural and? is a great fly for cruising fish in shallow to mid-depth water.

The Red Eyed Damsel is a South African wet fly that was invented by Hugh Huntley and was made to mimic the abundant Damsel fly nymphs that occur in many of South African dams in the Spring and Summer months. Damsel nymphs have big eyes, a well-defined thorax, long, slender abdomen, all the triggers a trout is looking for.

In lakes, damsel nymphs mainly confine themselves to weed beds and reeds. In early summer when lake bugs are getting active they start to move around.

Use the olive with a floating line or intermediate line in the summer months when the weeds are green.