Deep Water Damsel – Brown #12



“Because of its profile it can also be fished like a streamer.”

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Product Description

The Deep Water Damsel is tied with a tungsten bead to make sure it gets down as quickly as possible. Because of its profile it can also be fished like a streamer.

Damsel fly nymphs occur in many of South African dams in the Spring and Summer months. Damsel nymphs typically have big eyes, a well-defined thorax, long, slender abdomen, all the triggers a trout is looking for; however, certain patterns are more suggestive than imitative, much like the Deep Water Damsel.

In lakes, damsel nymphs mainly confine themselves to weed beds and reeds. In early summer when lake bugs are getting active they start to move around.

Use the brown with a floating line or intermediate line in the cooler months when the weed dies off.