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“It’s been used for more than 120 years.”

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Originally tied by Leonard Halladay, and named after Charles Adams, this fly has stood the test of time. It?s been used for more than 120 years and very little has changed, but like most of the dry flies we fish today, it was designed by an American angler and is now used all over the world from New Zealand, to the UK, South African and back up to the US again.

The Adams is a more imitative fly, quite obviously representing a Mayfly of sorts. The body itself is simply dubbing, and the tail is hackle of sorts, what makes this pattern float is the hackle up front. There are different ways of tying the hackle in. The Parachute Adams is tied around a post, whereas the original was simply wrapped towards the eye, giving the effect of both wings and legs, keeping the fly suspended slightly above the water at an angle. In a size 18, its effective in a Mayfly hatch, both on rivers and stillwaters.