Ornage DDD #10-16



A classic with a twist.

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Product Description

Originally tied by Tom Sutcliffe using deer hair with the intent of imitating a beetle, the DDD was eventually tied using nothing but Klipspringer for the tail, body and collar. This came about through a couple of Tom’s friends playing around with the pattern, namly Hugh Huntley and Bill Duckworth; but the name was actully coined by Taffy Walters after holding the fly up to the light and calling it, ‘Duckworth’s Darling Delight!’

It has become an iconic South African pattern, fished both on rivers and stillwaters alike. However, with limited access to Klipspringer hair, the pattern is commercially tied using deer hair for the body and tail, and hackle for the collar.

Orange isn’t particularly a popular colour for this fly, but in winter it can prove deadly when fished on 6X and a long 14ft leader.