Stimulator #10-16



“…its what one might call a very ‘buggy’ fly.”

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Jim Slattery was the first to tie the Stimulator in the 80’s, but actually called it the Fluttering Stonefly and then renamed it after a New York punk-rock group. It was however Randall Kaufmann that adapted the pattern and made it what we know today. The versatility of the fly speaks for itself, as it was originally tied to imitate a stonefly, but is fished in countries all around the word today, many of which do not have stoneflies. In our case, the pattern suggests a hopper or caddis of sorts.

The wing and tail is tied from a clump of dear hair, making the fly very buoyant and a common choice when wanting to fish dry and dropper. Over all, between the palmered body, hackle collar and distinct legs, its what one might call a very ‘buggy’ fly, the fact that it floats so well is just an added bonus. Many use the fly as a searching pattern, i.e. they fish it to draw fish up that aren’t feeding on a particular hatch.