Cactus Orange #10


Fulling Mill

Straight from the UK, Fullingmill flies are amongst some of the best commercially tied flies available.

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Product Description

Say what you want, this fly catches fish, developed in the UK in the 50?s.

The cactus orange is a trout fly that has two very large round eyes made from buoyant foam. They?re large and round, so I guess you can use your imagination to figure out how they got their name.

The reason it?s so effective is the movement it gives and the variety of ways this fly can be fished. It moves up and down the water column staying in the zone for the maximum amount of time

There are so many ways to fish this fly, the main two being on a fast sinking line with a short 30-40cm leader. Long strips with long pauses. The second on a sinking line forming a ?washing line? rig, use it as the point fly on a long leader with 2-3 dropper in between, covering a multitude of water levels.

Use the Fulling Mill Cactus Orange during the spawning season.