Special Klinkhammer Duo BL #12


Fulling Mill

Straight from the UK, Fullingmill flies are amongst some of the best commercially tied flies available.

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Product Description

Originally tied by Hans Van Klinken, a Dutch angler, it was designed to imitate an emerging caddis which he intended to fish to Grayling. What makes this fly so effective is the fact that the body breaks the surface film of the water, which has a mirroring effect making the profile of the fly look much bigger to a trout; thus it is a super effective pattern when fish are feeding on emergers just sub-surface.

Fulling Mill has taken this pattern a step further, an orange post to aid in sighting the fly on the water, and they added a small tippet ring.

Attach a dropper rig to the tippet ring, a small buzzer or nymph when the trout are feeding near the surface.