White Muddler Minnow #8-12



An effectively versatile fly by design

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Product Description

Designed to represent a minnow.
It is a versatile pattern that is successful in bringing fish to the net throughout the season and in all types of water. It is a great pattern to fish at dusk when the big browns and rainbows are on the hunt.

Fish near shallow drop off’s or right up near the edge of the water, this is where small baitfish will hold. Sometimes you will even have trout chasing them into the shallow grass on the edges.

The White marabou version is great in the warmer months, adding a little more movement to the original version of the Muddler Minnow.

If you see swirls or the backs of fish coming out the surface at the water tie one on a floating line, short fast strips should see results.

Takes can be aggressive so step up a size on your tippet.