Riverman Rod Tube


Riverman Leather Products

Our signature production, hand stitched bovine leather, buffalo or canvas covered travel rod tube

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Product Description

Protect your beloved rods with re-enforced PVC tubing, the heaviest baggage handler can Riverdance on your babies to no affect! Cloth lined with sheepskin tops, packed carefully in their cloth bags you will be surprised how many rods you can safely transport and of course in unquestionable stye! Comes with our unconditional lifetime warranty, not matter how much wear and tear they receive bring any of our products in should they need freshening up or a worn buckle replaced.

We produce a standard length which takes a 9 foot 4 piece fly rod, but can produce a tube to take two or three piece and Spey rods of any configuration.

Diameter: 80 x 50mm = 1 Rod | 80 x 75mm = 3 Rods | 80 x 90mm = 4 Rods | 80 x 110mm = 5 Rods

Finishes:   Buffalo| Canvas & Leather  | Leather |