Our season got off to a good start this year. With the dam receiving a lot of fishing pressure due to the Vaal been in the state that it is, we managing to get some great fish.

The weather man got his predictions totally wrong – Score! We were expecting rain and cloud cover the whole week, fortunately for us we had clear skies by mid-morning with a few scattered thundershowers in the afternoons. Pretty much standard Sterkfontein weather.

There where still a few spawning fish in the shallows, however their numbers dwindled over the next week or two. This put the fish on the feed, allowing us to pick off a few high cruisers over the weeks.

The fish have been selective, taking smaller dry flies like Klinkhammers, Para Adams and smaller ant variations. Smaller CDC flies also doing well especially with a nice post which we could see in the low light conditions.

When we had some foul weather, the larger beetles and hopper produced some good eats by some nice sized fish, however not all of them made it to the net.

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See you on the water…

Rowan Black &  The Mavungana Flyfishing team.