With the growing popularity of Sterkfontein, increasing rod pressure is making an already fickle fishery more changeling. At the foot of the Drakensberg inclement weather can also dash the dreams of hopeful anglers. We conducted over six guided weekends this summer some were outstanding, some saw us looking out over the dam and thinking we were on the North Sea.1 (1024x814)

The Fishing Gods were, however, kind and allowed us to end the season on a high.  The week culminating in the weekend of the 10th of April we had balmy, warm, windless days.

Small red flying ants hatched out and blanked the water, with the dropping water temperate the large fish sensed the onset of winter and lost their minds, feeding brashly like basking sharks.

We had the most memorable sight-fishing with CDC ants, 18-foot leaders and 3lb Fluorocarbon tippet.

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The other game changers for us was the use of rolled deep soft weight along the leader and tippet to sink the leader below the meniscus and not create a shadow.

The Mavungana skiff with the satellite-enabled trolling motor made the conditions heaven, sneaking on to the line of rising fish, the added high meant the target could be seen well in advance and the bigger fish selected and picked off.

Thanks Sterkies for a stunning end to the season.3 (1024x783)



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