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Tackling up for Peacock Bass

HARDWARE 9ft 8wt & 9wt fast action fly rods with matching large arbor fly reel Casting over-sized baitfish patterns and pulling fish out of the jungle foliage is no joke. You need a strong fast action rod and reliable large arbor reel to get the job done. We recommend a minimum of 2 rods setup […]

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Guides’ Corner – tips and tricks for Peacock Bass in the Amazon

Put your best foot forward The difference between a 10-fish day and a 100-fish day is your ability to cast well and accurately. This means throwing big flies and 9wt rods with aggressive weight-forward fly lines for extended periods of time. Get familiar with your gear and don’t waste precious game-time practicing your casting! There […]

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The Amazon – in pictures

Dispatch from the Amazon River: “You know when the guides say, ‘you should have been here last week?’ Well we ARE having that week.” This from Mavungana founder Jonathan Boulton who is currently on the Amazon with clients. “Water levels are perfect, with multiple double figure fish (Peacock Bass) and Arapaima too…” ‘Nuff said. Here […]

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