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You want an Estancia Laguna Verde ‘grand-slam’

Lake Strobel or ‘Jurassic Lake’ as it is colloquially known, is unquestionably one of the top rainbow trout fishing destinations in the world. During the summer months scores of fly fishers make the arduous journey down to the south of Patagonia to target gigantic trout in this harsh lunar landscape, and few are disappointed. What […]

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Patagonia 2017

Patagonia is cold and windy – don’t get me wrong, I know that, but Oh Boy did she bring out the welcoming committee for us on our last trip! Our group kicked off with a tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier National Park the day before heading off to Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, blue sky […]

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Jurassic Lake – Home of the giant rainbow

Like many, I had heard about this mythical piece of water a while back, and to the surprise of many, I have never really been motivated to tick the box or add it to my already overflowing list in a bucket. But the stories, the images, the bombardment of youtube clips got the better of […]

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