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Patagonia 2017

Patagonia is cold and windy – don’t get me wrong, I know that, but Oh Boy did she bring out the welcoming committee for us on our last trip! Our group kicked off with a tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier National Park the day before heading off to Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, blue sky […]

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Tigers of Chobe 2015

With talk at the beginning of the year of poor conditions on the Zambezi, Kasai and Chobe rivers. Things weren’t looking great. Anglers returning from their week-long trips with little to show for their efforts confirmed our suspicions and we knew we were up against the wall for this one. After chatting to Jono who […]

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Early season on the Zambezi

We had clients from Italy wanting to do a Tiger fishing trip, unfortunately, the only time they could do it was the first week in June.  A little early in the season as we know, the water is still very high this time of year.   We arrived at Ichingo Lodge in the early afternoon, […]

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