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SBS – How to tie the Pongola Zonker baitfish

This suggestive baitfish pattern (as tied by Rowan Black below) has a great action thanks to the Zonker strip and has proved very successful for us in the calmer waters of Pongola Dam. Tie it in a variety of colours and you’re good to go. Hook: Gama B10S #2 Thread: 140D Danville’s Tail: Zonker strip […]

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KNOTS: Our Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line SBS

We trust in this version of the iconic Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line connections on our 9 and 12 weights. There are a couple of reasons, firstly: A Bimini Twist tests at 100% breaking strain, so there simply is no stronger knot to connect you fly line to the backing.  Secondly, because it is a loop-to-loop […]

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