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KNOTS: Our Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line SBS

We trust in this version of the iconic Bimini Twist for backing-to-fly-line connections on our 9 and 12 weights. There are a couple of reasons, firstly: A Bimini Twist tests at 100% breaking strain, so there simply is no stronger knot to connect you fly line to the backing.  Secondly, because it is a loop-to-loop […]

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Dullstroom Fishing Report

November fishing report Hot, hotter and hottest… Take your pick, as each and every one of them accurately describe Dullstroom’s weather in November. With that said, our trout are still feeding vigorously, are full of life and are pulling hard! Waters are warm, too warm most would say, but this always presents an opportunity to […]

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Tips and tricks – Tiger season

Tiger season is around the corner and here are a few tips before the season gets underway. Buff I’m sure most flyfishermen have one of these, great for sun protection, windburn, warmth and keeping your cap on while travelling on the boat.     Finger minder I love using these, as I’m not a huge […]

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