It’s important to take care of your gear. Rods and reels can last you a lifetime if looked after.


Always give your rods a rinse in fresh water and wipe down with a dry cloth after a fishing trip. Especially after a saltwater trip!!  once the rod is dry, especially the cork, put in the rod bag and in the tube, we also collect the silica packs from medicine bottles etc and put them in the bottom of our rod tube, this is just an extra precaution to absorb any moisture we may have missed.




Rinse you reels off after every session, even if it has a sealed drag system. Especially after it has been in saltwater.

Strip the reel down, rinse in warm water and use a small brush to get rid of any sand and salt. Soak overnight, then dry off and leave to dry for a day, making sure the backing is dry before putting in its case.

Use reel grease on the bearings and moving parts, if its a cork drag system rub a thin layer of drag lube over that as well.

Make sure the drag is on its lowest setting and pack it away for the next trip. You can also throw in a silica pack or two.

Silica packs in reel case

Silica packs in reel case