The 2020 home-grown tigerfish season on Lake Jozini is in full swing.

We had a great family-orientated group on the water from 19 to 25 August. The group of 8 anglers were made up of a father and future son-in-law; as well as three farther-and-son pairs.

Of the group only one had previous caught a tigerfish in South Africa, while one had never cast a fly rod before. (He learned very quickly and managed 23 fish for the week, congrats Cameron Verster!).

The weather was rather unstable, with some wind on a few of the days and the barometric pressure all over the show. The group still managed 187 fish between them.

Most fish: Mike Stopforth (34 fish)
Biggest Fish: Zak Steyn (8 pounder)

Here are a few some select scenes from this trip. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more on this trip and updates as the season progresses.




Top scorer, Mike Stopforth


Zak Steyn stoked on his 8-pounder, biggest fish taken on this week.


Various 6 pounders were taken during the week

2020 home-grown tigerfish season on Lake Jozini

Great friends and family ‘gees’ (vibes) throughout the week


Just fine. Thanks. And, fines. Also fines…

Some custom Saffa ingenuity by our guides

Guide life

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