Mavungana Flyfishing, through its African agency for the Nervous Waters portfolio of destinations, is proud to offer some of the most consistent Golden Dorado fishing around.

For many years , one of Latin America´s most exciting game fish was kept a secret in its heartland. In the last few years, the golden DORADO, or “river tiger” as it is affectionately called in Argentina due to its impressive fighting spirit and jumping characteristics, has rocketed to the top of the hot fish list. The freshwater Dorado belongs to the Salmon family. It is a hard fighting and acrobatic fish, well known for strong runs and relentless jumps. Throughout much of its range , the Dorado is caught in coloured or murky waters and generally with a heavy spinning tackle.

The establishment of Pirá lodge in the Iberá marshland has generated a new alternative, allowing for clear water fishing on fly rods, with plenty of opportunities for sight casting. 7 and 8 wt 9-foot rods are recommended, as well as floating and sinking heads. Traditional saltwater streamers and deceivers in black, purple chartreuse and white complete the required gear. Fishing schedule: Fishing times vary depending on month and weather. A typical spring fishing day will start in the morning from 8:00 to 12:30, lunch at the lodge, and then afternoon fishing from 3:30 to 7:30. Transport is provided from the lodge´s private dock to the fisheries in Hells Bay flat skiffs, fitted with VHF radios. Other activities available are bird watching, horseback riding and snorkelling. Pirá is a strictly catch and release fishery.