Exhilarating flyfishing for wild sea run brown trout, in the Patagonian Tundra. This is the real McCoy. Kau Tapen (‘house of fishing’ in the Ona language) is the original fishing lodge in Tierra del Fuego and the standard of elegance by which other lodges are measured.

Mavungana Flyfishing is proud to be the exclusive agents for the Nervous Waters portfolio of lodges on the Rio Grande. We will be hosting a team of 9 rods, in prime season, onto the Rio Grande, and base ourselves at this exquisite lodge. Mavungana Flyfishing have over 10 years of experience fishing and guiding on these Patagonian rivers.

What started as the brainchild of Jorge Donovan and Jacqueline De Las Carreras over twenty years ago has revolutionised the way in which the fishing world views big trout. And, while the name Kau Tapen might be cumbersome to newcomers, this lodge has made the Rio Grande a household name for fly anglers the world over.

The lodge provides impeccable accommodation, plenty of elbow room on the Río Grande, caring guides, select vehicles and equipment, Argentina’s best wines and menus, and enviable fishing records since 1984.

Come and be a part of Kau Tapen’s history yourself.

For more info e-mail: info@flyfishing.co.za