Steelhead Fishing British Columbia

Northern British Columbia – Autumn. What else comes to mind other than the best Steelhead Fly Fishing in the world?  This is amongst the best fly fishing in Canada and we have booked the best fishing lodge in British Columbia.

Arguably one of the most magical surroundings on the planet to fish, the BC wilderness is a rare treat for any avid fly fisher.  This steelhead lodge offers exceptional, classic fly fishing for steelhead through the months of September and October.  The lodge is internationally recognized by fly anglers as the best steelhead fishing lodges in British Columbia, a truly world-class destination for steelhead and Rainbow trout.

Steelhead are renowned for being a tough test of a fisherman’s character and they are a fish that any fly fisher would want on his fly fishing bucket list

Best Fly Fishing in British Columbia

Mavungana Flyfishing is proud to be working with Steelhead Direct, the exclusive agents for this unique Lodge.  The river is home to one of the last, truly unspoiled fisheries in the world.

The lodge holds the exclusive guiding rights to all 12 miles of this pristine wilderness river, from its source at Blackwater Lake to its confluence with the Nass River – BC’s third largest river.

They accommodate a maximum of 6 anglers per week, for whom this river essentially becomes their own private water.

It is arguably the most remote, pristine, wild, and private Steelhead angling experience available in BC.

A watershed never logged, a wilderness untouched. Fly fishing the way it used to be…


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Recommended Tackle

Rod: Loop Evotec Cast Fly Rod

Reel: Loop G4 Evotec Fly Reel

Line: Royal Wulff Triangle Taper PLUS Fly Line