Yellowfish On Fly – Sight Fishing For Smallmouth and Largemouth Yellowfish.

Smallmouth and Largemouth Yellowfish are an underestimated quarry to many fly fishermen.  They are indigenous to Southern Africa, specifically the Orange-Vaal system.  Superb fighting fish, they readily take flies.  Naturally found in river environments, Sterkfontein Dam gives the fly fisherman the opportunity to target these fish in the best still water yellowfish fishery in South Africa.  Trophy largemouth and hefty smallmouth can be caught here.

Join Mavungana Flyfishing with our team of experienced guides and instructors.  This is your chance to experience the magic of Sterkfontein Dam at its best.  To experience Sterkfontein Dam to its fullest extent requires a boat to transport fishermen across the dam to the best fishing spots.

We base ourselves at Qwantani Resort, situated on the western side of the damn.  Every day we set off in our custom-built skiff stopping at productive areas to sight fish to cruising fish.  Fishing for our famed Golden Bonefish is mainly on dry fly.

Fly tying – SBS 1. 5-minute CDC midge 2. Tuscan Bunny

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