Join Mavungana Flyfishing as we head into the lair of the double figure Tigerfish! With the increasing popularity and accompanying fishing pressure on the Zambezi along with the ever-present gill netting, the popular venues around the Kasai are becoming strained. We have however found a great location that allows you to target monster fish. The area’s gorge like topography and abundance of dangerous Game means a challenging environment for locals to net and impact on fish stocks. Situated on the bank of the Zambezi below Chirundu on the Zimbabwean side this stunning “middle Zambezi” experience offers not only trophy fish but magnificent game and bird-viewing. Due to its unique location below Lake Kariba means the water clarity is always good which in turn creates ideal conditions for sight predators such as Tigerfish. There is a mouth watering variety of water from long slow pools to rocky rapids and back eddies.

Standard protocol on the Zambezi usually requires heavy sunken fly lines fished deep and dirty! This sort of “blind” fishing can tend to become a little mundane, however due to the time of year and accompanying high temperatures which are increasing daily, we have a unique opportunity to throw poppers on floating lines with the anticipation of a 10lb+fish charging your fly down and smashing it on the surface! Fishing is two to a boat with a Mavungana Flyfishing Host rotating through a different boat each session, so you are guaranteed of some helpful hints, tips on your casting and a dam good laugh!

As always we not only secure the best month of the year, but also the New Moon which restricts the Tigers from hunting by moonlight and ensures they are hungry and eager by first light! All in all you can be guaranteed an authentic African Experience second to none.


  • En-Suite Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Local Soft Drinks
  • Water
  • Limited Beers.


  • Flights


  • 9 wt outfits
  • Sinking and Floating Lines.