Permit. The Holy Grail? Well, before travelling to catch these tremendous fish, I had my doubts, but by the end of the first day, that had all changed, and respect was gained by these merely sensational saltwater fish.

Ascension Bay is one of the best locations for Permit fishing in Mexico. The flats are in addition perfect for bonefishing and there are countless lagoons and channels for Tarpon and Snook. Great fun can also be had targeting everything from Barracuda to Shark with your fly rod, and the entire experience this part of Mexico offers is simply the best value for money saltwater fly fishing available.

Expansive sandy flats, rising temperatures, good fishing and cold beer. The bay provides superb sport for fly anglers through most of the year, however, various factors dictate that May, although getting warmer is a prime month for Permit, and can ensure quieter weather on the ocean side, making the larger Tarpon more accessible.

Mavungana Flyfishing has secured prime weeks again to this Grand Slam destination. 8 rods enjoy superb accommodations right down on the tip of Punta Allen, with direct access to Ascension bay with Casa Viejo Chac’s specialised skiffs. Their guide team is extremely experienced, and as far as shots at Permit go, you will have plenty. What happens from there, is up to the lord of anglers, your skills and the mood of this mind-blowingly fickle fish!

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