Catching stillwater trout is one thing – try pursuading a wild river trout, in a beautifully clear flowing stream, to take your drag free presentation, with high grassed banks and overhanging trees – now thats a different ball game. By definition, Africa is a dry and thirsty continent. Rivers are few and far between, pristine gurgling trout streams easily counted. Our river clinics at Verlorenkloof Estate allow anglers to access over 6km of the Crocodile River. You will learn how to present accurately and delicately, entomologically correct representations, while mastering hugely important techniques such as reach casts, pile casts, line mending and control to acquire that drag free drift.

You will fish under the close supervision of hugely knowledgable guides in small intimate groups. In the evenings the guides will prepare sumptous meals, in spectacularly spacious 10 sleeper Croft units, with a maximum group of 6 anglers to two internationally certified guides.


  • Arrive Day 1 afternoon/evening. Should your arrival time allow it, you will fish the evening rise and get warmed up for your stay.
  • The next morning, rise at dawn, excellent filter coffee and rusks and straight onto the water. Fish hard until mid morning, and enjoy a massive full english brunch. Tackle talks and try outs and preparation for the afternoon session. Fish the evening rise, before returning to the Croft in anticipation of some renouned Mavungana Flyfishing cooking.
  • Day 3, up at sunrise, coffee and rusks, and a mornings fishing putting your newfound knowledge and skills to good use. Leisurely brunch and depart at your convenience.