The Yokanga River is the latest of the Kola rivers to be opened to western fishermen. It is located on the northeastern edge of the Kola about 175 miles from Murmansk, where it empties into the Barents Sea. These waters are home to some of the largest Atlantic salmon on the Kola and provide a challenging environment in which to fish.

Mavungana Flyfishing has secured a special South African rated week on this fabulous fishery. Our previous rods caught some great fish and enjoyed their trip-a-far immensely. With that in mind, we were quick to rebook this offer for the coming season. The impressive waters of the Yokango cascade through a boulder-strewn course creating some of the most diverse and varied fly fishing water imaginable. It is almost as though some mighty hand has plucked pools from salmon rivers around the world and rearranged them into one river course. There is everything from the rippled glides of the famous Lyliok pool to the deep rushing draws typical of the upper Norcamp.

Fishing the Yokanga river is a true adventure from beginning to end. The catches are fantastic as is the scenery and the challenges you can face.

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