The Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) is fed by the Pongola River and interestingly enough is South Africa’s southernmost extent that Tigerfish occur. The summer months see the lake colouring up with dirty run-off, however the water clears through the winter. This presents a fairly short window of time that is ideal for flyfishing, as the clear water begins to warm in August and September before the first rains. Jozinis’ Tigers on average are realatively small, and bread and butter fish are between 1lb – 3lbs. These are exceptional fun on a fly rod, especially for those that have not experienced the startling take of the ‘striped water dog’, on fly. In our opinion global warming is improving this fishery every season, and less and less rain means water clarity through the year is better, resulting in the tigerfish being able to feed more effectively through the seasons. We have monitored the average water temperatures through the months we fish, and these are gradually rising, something which suits the warm water tigerfish.

The days are broken down into two sessions, morning and afternoon. As well as the local skippers you will rotate, each session, through the Mavungana Flyfishing custom built skiff with its state of the art electronics including satellite enabled saltwater trolling motor that allows us to regulate drift speed and stay with the fish. Our personal best on fly is a magnificent thirteen and a half pounder.

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