Ultimate Trout Clinic

Having the opportunity to flyfish both a pristine private river and various stillwaters under the guidance of an experienced local guide can be invaluable. A weekend clinic with the Mavungana Flyfishing team will offer you the chance to perfect your casting, learn a bit more about relevant entomology, understand the behaviour of both wild, river fish and trophy stillwater trout. And, of course, hopefully catch your personal best on both.

When you’re not fishing, your guides will be preparing sumptuous meals, tying flies for your use, or pouring you a glass of your preferred drink. The dynamic of a small, intimate group allows you to get the absolute most out of your weekend and gives your guide time to give in-depth assistance in all aspects of your fishing.

No matter your prior experience, if you’re keen to learn more about fishing for trout, we’d highly recommend booking our trout clinic.

Basic itinerary:

  • Arrive Friday afternoon and do rigging and gear set-up. If time allows, you’ll fish the evening rise or otherwise enjoy a great meal and discuss the plans for your weekend’s sessions.
  • Saturday morning you’ll head out at dawn after a cup or two of freshly ground coffee and rusks. After the morning’s session, you’ll head back to the house to enjoy full English brunch and relax until the afternoon session. From there you will head out at your leisure and catch the evening rise before sundowners and dinner.
  • Saturday evening will see you enjoy yet another fantastic meal and an informative chat, reflecting on the day’s fishing.
  • Sunday morning, up at sunrise, coffee and rusks and a chance to perfect those newly learned techniques and skills – putting them to good use. After a hearty brunch you may depart at your convenience.

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