We have been chasing tigers on fly since the late 80’s  – wow how things have changed! This is one of our favourite all round trips, Three different river systems at the very best time of year. The flood waters of the Zambezi move down the system like a wave, the floodplains are a nutrient rich rearing ground for juvenile fish, and when the flood waters reside they are pulled back into the main channel to where the voracious tigers wait. Timing is of the essence based upon historical flood levels its a bit of gamble as to which will fire better, May, June, July or August. And where  – early up on the main river above Golden Pond, mid season False Kasai and Kasai confluence or later in the rapids – choices choices choices!

We make our call and prebook the weeks, sending an experienced host who rotates through the boats, adding enormous value in tackle, technique and just getting the job done with the assistance of an experienced local skipper. The days are flexible, fishing hard primetime golden hour, game viewing in the Chobe National Park, Gin and tonic in hand in the down time. Phenomenal birdlife and wildlife, excellent riverside luxury safari tented accommodation all inclusive of superb cuisine and all local drinks.

For more info e-mail: info@flyfishing.co.za