Jack Lotter swears by the Dingane when targetting GTs in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. Just before lockdown, Gareth Reid sat down with Jack at our Johannesburg store to chat through the pattern and get a better understanding of Jack’s tying process as well as the factors (density, shape and hook-keeling, among others) which he believes makes this a must-have in your box when heading to Maputaland.

Watch that full interview here and learn how to tie the pattern below:



– Strong J or circle hook sized from 5/0 upwards, suggestions include: Owner Circle, Owner Aki, BKK In-line circle, and Gamakatsu In-line Octopus 4x.

– Danvilles Flat Waxed, Black

– SF fiber, megaflash fiber or similar for undertail
– Select purple grizzly, purple and black rooster saddle hackles

– Holographic lateral line, or Krystal flash.

– Hairline Dubbin medium plastic rattle, encased in 2mm foam, shrink tube and flexo tubing. (Video on DIY rattle modifications to be released shortly)

– 10-12mm rainbow gold ‘Just add H20’ eyes (Video tutorial of how to make the eyes “glow in the dark”, also to be released shortly) eyes are glued on with lochtite Gel or Zap a gap Gel glue- the Gel, is Very NB

– 3’ black, or black/purple polar fiber brush.

– Scultping fiber in UV midnight blitz black/black fishscale, plain purple and plain red-

– Solarez UV thin and UV thick

Two more installments in the Dingane series will be released on DarkTide’s Youtube channel later this week. These will detail how to prepare the rattle as well as the glow-in-the-dark eyes. “Both are optional extras, but highly recommended,” Jack says.