The Dullstroom One Fly Anti Rhino Poaching Charity event is our annual contribution to the fight against rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park.

We have a long-standing relationship with the anti-poaching units in the Kruger through Bruce Leslie from Special Operations out of Skukuza. Each year Bruce gives us a wish list and over the years we and our clients have managed to contribute to a fully-trained Malinois shepard tracker dog; night vision gear; trauma kits and camouflage webbing. This year, Bruce wrote to us, highlighting the need for Picatinny Hand Guard rail systems for all the rangers’ rifles.

“We need them to fit the new Steiner Lasers we produced last year from the funding received,” Bruce informed us this year. “Our current method is to attach a Picatinny strip to the original hand guard which is not strong enough. I am in the process of sourcing a local supplier to import the rails for us from DSA Arms in the USA. The cost is about 160 US$ per unit excluding import duties which is about 40% and handling fees.”

The one fly to conquer all

In addition, Bruce and his team are also in need of a lightweight, Level 4 bullet proof vest for our Airborne night operations from a supplier called c2r, a UK based company “This is also very expensive and very light and compact – ideal for our operation. We will only afford six or seven units,” he said.

The reason Bruce and his team need new bullet proof vests for the reaction team is due to an incident where a group of four poachers attempted to shoot at the helicopter with a AK47 and bolt action rifle. “We suspect that this type of incident may occur again and if this is the new “poacher tactic” we need to prepare the teams for such an event.”

Our ‘one-fly’ event in Dullstroom gives our clients and opportunity to help with the fight…

Long before the global recession the Jackson Hole One Fly Event was regarded as The flyfishing event in the United States. It attracted massive corporate sponsorship and was fished mainly by professionals. They would have to present their single fly to the independent marshal and that’s all they had to fish with the entire day! The skill was to tie a killer pattern that could be fished as either a dry or a wet under any conditions.


Fishing will be two sessions, with unrestricted access to various private waters. As a unique variation of the theme we will present entrants with one dry and one wet undisclosed mystery fly. It will be tied with the event’s naming sponsor in mind and pre tested by Mavungana guides so as to ensure its fish catching abilities. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your fly early on, you will have the opportunity to ‘buy back in’ purchasing as many more flies as you like suffering the financial penalty, but knowing that it will be for the benefit of the anti poaching cause.

GT sculpture in driftwood

Not all trophies are created equal

Limited to 40 anglers. Entirely catch and Release, overseen, guided and marshalled by well known Mavungana Flyfishing Guides. No one cares how good a fisherman you are, there are no points for how many fish you catch the winner is the angler lucky enough to land the single longest fish measured from the nose to the fork of the tail. The winner will be announced at a formal gala prize giving dinner on the Saturday night along with an array of spot and runner up prizes and auction.