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Two magnificent flyshops, a multitude of friendly faces, and a travel portfolio extraordinaire. With the country's largest specialist flyfishing outfitter in Dullstroom, as well as the country's oldest fly shop, Mavungana Johannesburg (the old 'Laxtons Flyfishing'), let Mavungana equip and guide you through our world of flyfishing.


NEW : Loop rods & reels


Louisiana Redfish Loop Rods & Reels now in stores Sight fishing for yellows on Sterkfontein Dam
There are not many flats fish as obliging as the redfish. Feeding confidently in the shallow marsh of the Greater Mississippi River Delta these fish attain impressive sizes.
Location Louisiana, USA
Date 24 June - 1 July 2017


The new Loop Evotec range of rods is a great pairing of quality and affordability with all the frills one could ask for! The Cast series uses Dynamic Core Technology which is directional carbon fibre applied in specific inter-layering sequences during the construction process.


Here is your opportunity to fish this pristine and challenging fishery with Mavungana experienced guides and Instructors. Sight fish, mainly on dry fly, for our renowned inland golden bonefish.
Location Sterkfontein Dam
Date 24th February - 6th March
Mavungana stocks these flyfishing products Mavungana stocks these flyfishing products Mavungana stocks these flyfishing products


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