Target the elusive Grunter and Leeries in the heart of the Garden Route

Come and join us in the heart of the Garden Route, Sedgefield for a world class saltwater flyfishing experience. Target the elusive Grunter and the renowned Garrick (Leerie), enjoy a combination of sight fishing on shallow sand flats, throwing poppers into structure or sinking a fly down drop-offs, you are guaranteed to experience a variety of techniques and target different species throughout the day depending on conditions.


The system we fish is very unique with fluctuating levels and alternating ocean open and closed cycles. We fish it all year round, but the winter and autumn provide still, windless sight fishing conditions with little boat traffic on the water.

Grunter are one of the most prized saltwater catches on fly for any South African angler, and for good reason. They are extremely difficult to catch. The crystal-clear shallow water makes the fish very aware and absolute stealth is required. Using 6 and 7wts with extra-long thin leaders and small unweighted patterns, an accurate and delicate cast is your only way to get these fish to turn their heads - permit - whatever!

Garrick (Leeries) have to be one of our ultimate home-grown apex saltwater predators.  A fish of around a meter on fly tops many a local angler's bucket list. You might find yourself casting poppers right up against the edge or fishing a sinking line over a 12m drop-off. These fish constantly move around and working them out is an exciting challenge.

Your home-grown local guide comes armed with over 20 years of knowledge of the system as well as a customised super lightweight shallow running skiff. It is rigged with a state-of-the-art satellite enabled trolling motor. The guide will provide all gear and flies, coffee, drinks and a lunch served on the boat. 


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